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Trinity Baptist Church had its beginning when J. M. Yates, a Deacon of the First Baptist Church of Roanoke started a Sunday School in what was then known as the Lowell community (the Handley Manufacturing Company Mill Village). The Sunday School was then organized into a mission of the First Baptist Church in July of 1902.


The First Baptist Church of Roanoke erected the first building on a lot donated by W.A. Handley. The chapel was 30 feet by 40 feet and was constructed at a cost of $550. It was completed April 11, 1903. On June 7, 1903, the mission was organized and constituted into a church as the First Avenue Baptist Church.  First Avenue Baptist Church was received into the Randolph Baptist Association on October 27, 1903; this was the third Annual Session of the Association. In 1906, the name was changed to Second Baptist Church. Then, in 1913 the name was changed to Handley Avenue Baptist Church.

On September 18, 1929 the congregation moved from the original building into a newly constructed building at a total cost of $5,000. In the late 1960s the church was in a state of decline and there were very few young people or children. The church building was not large enough to accommodate growth and there was no room for parking. To temporarily address the issue, a small building was added to the existing church on a small lot adjacent to the church. That building however proved not to be adequate in promoting additional growth.


On August 1, 1973, Rev. Frank Sledge was called as pastor. After Brother Sledge’s arrival, the church voted on September 19, 1973 to re-locate the church to a parcel of land sold to the church by Dr. Gerson Bonner near the Highway 431 By-Pass and Stewart Avenue. The land was purchased earlier for $10,000, with Dr. Bonner and his brother pledging $2000 of the total, making the total cost to the church, $8,000. A loan for this amount was taken out, but in no time, the church paid off the debt. The land was cleared in exchange for the pulpwood on it.


The church then entered into a building program on October 7, 1973 with a groundbreaking ceremony and work commenced on October 15th. 124 Church Bonds were issued to finance the project. During the building project, church members all pitched in to help complete the project while lowering labor costs. On April 7, 1974 the new facilities, including a 2800 sq. ft. sanctuary were occupied and dedicated. At that time, the name was changed to Trinity Baptist Church. Trinity had a “Note Burning” service on April 5, 1981, just seven years after occupying the new building displaying the obedient giving of its members.  In April of 1984, under the leadership of Brother Barry Cosper, the church voted to add an 8,000 sq. ft., two-story Education building onto the existing church building. The building was completed with the help of the Carpenter’s for Christ organization in June of 1984 and was dedicated on December 9, 1984.

Today, we have expanded again with a Family Life Center to enhance the ministries to our community which was completed in 2009. The center includes a large fellowship hall, industrial kitchen, children's church area, meeting rooms, multipurpose/athletic area, children's suite & classrooms, Youth suite and classrooms, several bathrooms, and storage space.


Trinity Baptist Church is known to be one the most loving and caring churches in the East Central Alabama region. That reputation has been a drawing point for the residents of Roanoke and Randolph counties over the years. The church is not perfect but stands as a testimony of God’s grace and mercy. During the past 105 years, the church has developed a rich history and heritage. However, the church believes its greatest days lie ahead. The church is ready to grow and build to greater heights for God’s glory and to reach untold numbers for Jesus Christ.

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